2022 Recap, A Year of Action and Progress

Here at JouleBug, our employee engagement service prompts organizations to approach environmental and social well-being with a sense of urgency. Our app builds the foundation for any organization to engage team members and sustain their course of action on the road to sustainable living. 

For us, employee and community engagement is fundamental to achieving ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals. About 83% of employees say they are prepared to support and tackle climate change at work (Kite Insights, 2022). 

To do just that, JouleBug provides many real-world activities and experiences that enable organizations to raise awareness and encourage their team members to actively transform our planet and humanity. Our service contributes measurable progress that is authentic to your organization’s culture and will guide participants to adapt their lifestyles and routines to be all-around sustainable. 

By 2025, we aim to empower 100 million people to take action. JouleBug’s ambition is to make sustainability a standard practice for our growing list of multinational corporations, civic and non-profit organizations, and higher-education campuses. 

Both inside and outside our organizations, the concept of sustainability should remain at the forefront of our daily habits. JouleBug is here to facilitate and inspire companies to adopt eco-friendly practices. We hope that participants will be able to think differently about their own role in our environment – apart from it being a sole commitment to corporate strategy. 

As we reflect on our past accomplishments this year, we hope that each member of JouleBug takes the time to ponder with us. In this year alone, we have spread the word and encouraged more organizations to stand firm in their approach to sustainability. More than 200 organizations signed up for JouleBug this year and pledged to become environmentally and socially more responsible actors to benchmark and track progress toward ESG goals. 

Whether your involvement with JouleBug stems from the goal to minimize your organization’s carbon footprint or take conscious steps to build an inclusive workspace, the general impact of these initiatives is shown to advance the growth and longevity of our world. 

Yes, this year is coming to an end, but the work must continue. 

Our Collective Impact

Over the course of this year alone, we made an environmental and social impact that deserves appreciation. Before we begin to break down the numbers, the JouleBug Team is here to give thanks to each organization, action logged, and challenge that sparked collaboration. 

From your participation with our platform, each of you was able to reduce carbon emissions, conserve water, enforce equitable policies and motivate members of your organization to embrace sustainable action as part of their routine. 

To sustain this momentum, use code SAVE50 for 50% off all annual subscription plans. Share this code with your organization and others who want to join the movement. 

The time for action is now! 

JouleBug’s 2022 Rundown

Global Org Reach

  • 251 new organizations signed up 
  • 311 organizations currently using JouleBug
  • 8,156 active participants 
  • 333,790 actions logged 
  • 30+ countries using JouleBug
  • 85,115 photos shared

Total Environmental Impact 

  • Reduced Carbon Emissions by 116M kg 
  • Conserved Water Usage by 14.2M L
  • Limited Waste by 75K kg 

Most Logged Actions (By Country)

  1. United States
  2. Singapore 
  3. Canada 
  4. Netherlands
  5. Ireland 
  6. Philippines 
  7. Malaysia 
  8. Spain 
  9. Denmark 
  10. Brazil 

Let’s Keep Going 

We are amazed by how each member of the JouleBug family puts their values into action. From the United States to organizations abroad, the power of collective action is shown in the gradual steps that each of us takes to become mindful participants in this network of environmental change. 

With over 8,000 participants currently using JouleBug to track their progress, the influence of collective action becomes apparent. JouleBug users reduced carbon emissions by 116M kg, conserved more than 14M liters of water, and limited waste by 75K kg. Imagine what could be done if the number of active users doubled next year! 

This is the true purpose of our service. A considerable impact can be achieved through our global movement together, as we all stay resilient to be mindful inhabitants of planet earth. 

But, the work is never done. The New Year is an opportunity for us to imagine new sustainable goals, build on these new, adjusted habits, and actively engage with our local communities. Again, this is a team effort that requires every individual, every group, and every organization to strategize around responsible living and champion sustainability from the top down and the bottom up. 

These insights demonstrate that change is feasible through actions — big or small. For every logged action, an individual decides to adjust their former habit to one that fits the sustainability model. If we continue to propel forward, we know that each organization can be the difference.

We cannot wait to see how you all continue incorporating sustainability into everything you do. Without you, a better world would not be imaginable. 

From everyone at JouleBug, we wish you a happy holiday season and New Year!