EarthShare Texas: Driving Change in Corporate Culture

Summary: Since partnering with JouleBug in 2022, EarthShare Texas has leveraged the EarthShare Engage platform to foster environmental consciousness among Texas businesses. The Texas Sustainability Challenge engages employees in fun, educational activities that promote sustainable behaviors and community involvement. The initiative has helped cultivate long-term sustainability commitments and broaden EarthShare Texas’s influence beyond corporate settings.

EarthShare Texas 
Partner since 2022
Industry: Nonprofit
Size: 3 Full-Time, 1 Part-Time Staff Members
Location: Austin, TX
Goal: Promote eco-conscious behavior through engaging and accessible programming that achieves measurable results and remains relevant to businesses, employees, and consumers.
Solution: Leverage white-label EarthShare Engage powered by JouleBug to offer businesses customized climate engagements that promote sustainability through community building.

EarthShare Texas sought to leverage EarthShare Engage powered by JouleBug as an educational and engagement tool to foster environmental consciousness among employees in the business community across Texas. The goal was to make sustainability an accessible and integral part of daily corporate practices through fun and engaging challenges.

Utilizing JouleBug’s interactive platform, EarthShare Texas introduced the “Texas Sustainability Challenge,” a series of activities designed to educate employees on simple, actionable steps towards greener behaviors. These hands-on activities were coupled with detailed insights and additional resources to help participants extend their sustainability efforts into community and nonprofit involvement.

Multiple businesses have engaged with the challenge annually, with some expanding the initiative to national and international levels.
The program has been pivotal in establishing and nurturing ongoing relationships with new businesses, growing their commitment to sustainability year after year. 
24% of participants continued to utilize the EarthShare Engage app outside of the scheduled challenge periods, incorporating sustainable habits into their everyday lives.

Quantifiable Results 
58% of ESTX Green Business Community members* participated in at least one challenge
495% increase in participants between January 2022 and May 2024
1,130 participants logged over 91,700 actions since January 2022
*of those listed in EarthShare Texas 2023 Impact Report

The partnership with JouleBug has been overwhelmingly positive, providing a robust platform for engaging businesses in sustainability. The support and responsiveness of the JouleBug team have significantly enhanced the effectiveness of this collaboration, ensuring that it remains a dynamic and impactful tool for environmental education.

Francoise Van Keuren
Executive Director (2020-2024)

Businesses that Participated in the Texas Sustainability Challenge

EarthShare Texas Sustainability Challenge Businesses: 
Tokio Marine HCC
Futaba Industrial
BAE Systems
Reliant Energy
Toyoda Gosei Texas 
Balcones Recycling

The participants are consistently expressing their enthusiasm towards the simplicity of the recommended actions. This underscores the concept that sustainability is achievable for everyone who is mindful of their daily habits and makes small changes. At the same time, participants are eager to broaden their knowledge by learning about more complex sustainability actions and setting more ambitious goals. This provides the non-profit organization an opportunity to further tailor client-specific challenges.

Texas Sustainability Challenges Impact Numbers

All-Time EarthShare Texas Sustainability Challenges by the Numbers:
3.6m L water savings
359.4k kg of co2 savings
21.6k kg waste diverted

Looking forward, EarthShare Texas is committed to expanding its reach and influence. The organization plans to continue working closely with Texas businesses, leveraging the positive momentum to foster a culture of sustainability that extends beyond corporate settings into the broader community. For more information visit EarthShare Texas.