How JouleBug Inspires Climate Action

Hi! It’s been a while since we introduced ourselves. Whether you use the app or are just stopping by to learn more, we are really happy to have you and we hope you’ll join us as we make sustainable living social, simple, and fun. Let’s take a few minutes to get to know JouleBug. 

JouleBug was founded in 2012 by NC State alumni Grant Williard when he came to the realization that “there is nothing more sustainable than not using energy”. The app highlights the most engaging aspects of mobile gaming, social media, and education to create a friendly user experience that enables everyone to gain awareness and take action. JouleBug promotes mindfulness within everyday habits and proves how small changes lead to big results. 

Why are we taking this moment to double down on our efforts to combat climate change?

Good question. We believe that the global energy crisis and rapid climate change are the most critical issues facing our planet today. “We have witnessed how education and awareness can inspire companies to adopt more sustainable behaviors, and we’ve seen a younger workforce demanding to buy from and work for socially responsible employers,” says Tony Pease, CEO of Carimus. JouleBug was acquired by Carimus, a Raleigh based digital transformation agency,  in April 2021. “At Carimus, we were made for this moment. Our experience in energy, brand experience, and storytelling uniquely positions us to help flat footed organizations move in a purposeful direction.” 

JouleBug is here to teach people that minor changes can create measurable and lasting impacts. “With my background as a mechanical engineer and nuclear technician, I believe that all problems have a solution,” said Pease. “As a parent, I’m compelled to think about this problem beyond one generation.” 

Are you ready for the challenge?

In an effort to dig our heels even deeper we’ve modernized our process so that users can focus on being present and taking action. No more searching for answers or waiting on speaker phone for a rep. Our new system is all about self service. We are ready to handle the nitty-gritty while you inspire your organization and each other to get active and make big changes.

We know the future is bright and we are ready for you to join us!