How to Make It a Green Halloween

What is scarier than ghosts, goblins and ghouls? The unsustainability of Halloween. One of the most fun holidays has also become one of the most wasteful. The good news? There are plenty of ways to upcycle this Halloween and make it your most sustainable holiday to date!

Painting locally sourced pumpkins is an easy activity for adults and kids and a great way to preserve your pumpkin for warming winter soup. Just remember to wash off the paint first!


Lower your emissions by sourcing locally grown pumpkins. Make it a tradition with family and friends to visit a pumpkin patch. Support local and get outside on a beautiful fall day? It’s a win win. Once you bring your pumpkins home there are so many ways to enjoy them. Instead of carving right away, consider using washable paint to decorate them. This allows you to change it up all season long! If you decide to carve them for the big night, be sure to save the pulp and seeds to make everything from a creamy pumpkin hummus to deliciously roasted pumpkin seeds. Don’t forget to compost whatever is left of your pumpkin once the season comes to an end.


Reuse and refresh! We have become such a disposable society and this stands true when it comes to decorations. If you’ve purchased decorations from the store, be sure to wrap them up and store them in a safe place so that you can use them each year when it’s time to get spooky. Don’t want to spend the money? Gather up any arts and craft supplies you have in the home and get to decorating! You’ll be amazed at what you can make with some construction paper, scissors and tape. Not sure where to get started? Check out these easy and fun crafts for the Halloween kid in all of us.

Anything in your household can turn into Halloween decor. Keep it simple, fun, and zero waste all at once.

Boo Bash 

Throwing a party this year? We’ve got you covered! Take inventory of your dishes before you run out and purchase paper products. Use regular dishes and utensils if you have enough for your guests. Need more? Consider purchasing compostable utensils and be sure to label guests drink cups to avoid waste. Set out separate trash cans for compost, recycling and trash to make it easier on yourself once the party is over. Want to make it super sustainable? Organize a costume contest where guests have to dress in upcycled or DIY costumes to be eligible to win. Make the prize a gift basket with locally sourced goodies for the best dressed guest.

Got cardboard boxes stacking up? Turn them into costumes, holiday decor, or a just-because creative project.


Unicorns. Lumberjacks. Hamburgers. When it comes to costumes, the options are endless. Have a bunch of old costumes laying around? Organize a swap with family, friends and neighbors. If your heart desires a specific costume this year, check out local thrift stores and shop your own closet. You most likely have some items and accessories around the house that you can bring back to life this Halloween season. Invited to a themed party and want to go all out? Don’t forget that you can always rent!

Trick or treatin’ is more fun with friends who carry reusable bags, buckets, and anything else that won’t end up polluting our environment.

Trick or Treat 

It takes more effort than walking into your neighborhood grocery store, but challenge yourself this year to find locally produced candies, snacks and treats to hand out to trick-or-treaters. Be mindful that some children have allergies so you may want to have an allergy friendly option or be sure that treats are labeled with all ingredients listed. Halloween night is another great time to reuse and recycle! Send your kids out with reusable buckets, bags, etc. to collect their candy. Store the candy collectors away with your decorations so that they can be used time and time again. This is not only sustainable, but creates special memories for your kids for years to come.