JouleBug Takes on Sustainability in New Ways for 2023

The New Year is upon us, and we are in the mode to shift our approach to how we help organizations facilitate impactful programs and systems that advance sustainability. At its core, our method provides an interactive and dynamic solution for any organization to think critically about how their team members can make decisions with sustainability in mind.

For any corporation, team member or individual, sustainability is a broad concept that expands beyond either climate action or environmental policy. It is a term that considers how we interact with both our planet and humanity in profound ways, and positively transforms how we interact and maneuver every aspect of our human experience.

Our JouleBug content includes several pillars that provide a unique framework for how every organization can activate people to become socially responsible participants, inside and outside of their workforce. 

To us, the definition of sustainability must include: 

  • Civic Engagement 
  • Personal Fitness 
  • Nutrition
  • Remote Learning 
  • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion 

This is a key difference in how we examine sustainability at JouleBug, and we know that each organization can accomplish a number of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) goals with our service at the helm. In addition, our app delivers educational material that encourages community building to take place. The collaborative nature of JouleBug enables team members to accomplish sustainability goals together, and the presence of collective action is an effective way to form genuine relationships. 

And this upcoming year holds the potential for organizations to enact solutions that are aligned with the principles of sustainability, as consumers, investors and corporate dollars demand it. 

In an article published by the Harvard Business Journal, the New Year will test corporate America’s genuine interest in ESG efforts in the midst of an economic recession. Their dedication to this movement will indicate whether their corporate strategy only involves sustainability for the sake of public appeal or if it is a true value in their organizational culture. 

“This test comes at a time when CEOs have made significant strides in tying ESG to profitability, with 70% of U.S. CEOs acknowledging that ESG improves financial performance, up from 37% just last year, per a recent KPMGsurvey. Yet 59% of CEOs said they planned to pause or reconsider their ESG efforts.” 

Each organization that introduces JouleBug to their team members finds a value add that effectively inspires team members to adjust their daily habits in full support of their company’s social and environmental footprint. This is a considerable amount of momentum that should multiply, year after year. 

Whether your organization’s goals plan to mitigate carbon emissions or form positive relationships across departments, our easy and fun app is here to guide you at each step. To do so, we will begin to offer new product features and app updates that will build upon your existing ambitions to make sustainable living a common practice.

Coming to JouleBug in 2023

New Features To Advance Your Journey

  • Communities – Create and manage sub-groups in your organization. Admins can provide unique and personalized challenges and actions based upon a group’s interests or goals. Track global and local impact results to monitor each Community’s progress to better the world. 
  • Create Custom Actions and Themes Easily – We want admins to build actions and challenges that are associated with their organization’s work culture and value system. Our goal is to make the action and challenge creation process easier for admins to generate content that will keep participants engaged and motivated to do the work. 
  • Link Actions to United Nations Sustainable Development Goals – As mentioned above, this upcoming year is the time for every organization to build upon their current work and development of sustainable action. Our analytics dashboard tracks this work throughout the course of a given year, and we want to provide data and information that will allow your organization to understand how logged actions contribute to international sustainability efforts. 

Count Us In Partnership 

We will continue to partner with Count Us In, a collective that strives to build effective creative campaigns and action platforms for a wide range of organizations and enterprises. 

Our partnership is a pledge to provide a holistic service with emphasis upon how sustainable action can become a distinct part of every organization’s formula of success. Count Us In will remain an extension of how JouleBug advertises educational resources about climate action, ESG reporting and other aspects of societal change. 

Product and App Feedback 

Just as we aspire for our entire JouleBug family to gain guidance and knowledge by the usage of our service, we also plan to build a database of information that will help us inform our own decision making. In the coming months, we plan to host and promote a series of educational opportunities for the JouleBug team to receive feedback, understand how to best support the customer journey, and find methods that will allow admins to navigate our service with ease. 

These opportunities will include:

  • JouleBug customer focus groups to gauge the level of interest and dedication to sustainability from HR representatives. 
  • Employee surveys to understand how JouleBug can satisfy organizational needs and goals. 
  • Host online webinars and in-person events to communicate the benefits of our platform to prospective clients, customers and other business partners. 

JouleBug remains at the forefront of sustainable action, and we will continue to grow our platform throughout the duration of this upcoming year. As we begin to open the dialogue for how our platform can best support the demands of this ever-changing planet, our hope is that we can always demonstrate that sustainability is a central part of any system — no matter how big or small your actions may be. 

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