JouleBug Nation Wrapped – 2023 was the year of Action

At the end of yet another calendar year, we find ourselves reflecting on 2023 and the challenges it brought to our environment, society, and regulations. Despite the emotional ups and downs, we faced these challenges head on and took action to combat them.

The JouleBug Nation community played a significant role in this collective action, as the numbers show. Below is a summary of our activities and the results we achieved through our efforts. Looking at these data points reinforces our commitment and optimism that with continued action, we can create a better world. 

Note: Date range for all data is December 1, 2022 – November 30, 2023

JouleBug 2023 by the Numbers

  • 2,195,779 kg of CO2 saved > 24.7% y-o-y increased savings 
  • 27,868,535 liters of Water saved > 32.5% y-o-y increased savings
  • 118,966 kg of Waste diverted from landfills > 15.5% y-o-y increased savings
  • Top 5 Actions Logged in 2023
    • Reusable Water Bottle (7,007) 
    • Turn Off the Lights (4,958)
    • Reusable Mug (4,948) 
    • Shorter Showers (4,736) 
    • Water Off While Brushing (4,688)

  • 5 Underrated Actions Logged in 2023
    • Speed Efficiency (1,937)
    • Meatless Monday (1,968)
    • Shut the Blinds (2,001)
    • Full Loads Dishwasher (2,005)
    • Carpool (2,007)

  • Months with most active challenges
    • April with 60 Challenges
    • March with 55 Challenges
    • June and July with 40 Challenges each 

  • Most popular challenge themes
    • Sustainability
    • Water Conservation
    • Recycling 

Actions Logged: 398,513 > 19.4% increase from 2022 

  • Most Popular Months
    • September with 117,188 Actions Logged
    • April with 95,462 Acctions Logged 

Photos Shared: 179,472 > 111% increase from 2022 

New Users added to JouleBug: 11,721

Unique Users Who Used JouleBug Weekly: 31,167 

Top 10 Countries for Users

  • United States
  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • India
  • China
  • Singapore
  • Ireland
  • Germany
  • South Korea
  • Australia

A quick recap of all the features that were added this year

This year, we focused on developing our product for the star players of employee engagement in sustainability programs across organizations of all sizes and types – the JouleBug Admins! These administrators are responsible for developing, managing, promoting, and tracking challenge results while juggling additional responsibilities. The JouleBug team aimed to improve their experience and deliver functionalities previously only available with Concierge Support. 

Here’s a recap of those enhancements and brand-new features: 


  • Add / Remove Actions from Curated Challenges
  • Sustainability Actions Linked to UN SDGs
  • Sort and Filter Actions by UN SDGs, Categories, or Points Value


  • Five new curated challenges and themes were added
  • Create a Custom Challenge from scratch 
  • Delete and Duplicate Challenges
  • Incentivize engagement by listing challenge prizes
  • Auto-Join all organization or community members to active, individual-based challenges (make it even easier for people to participate) 
  • Create a Challenge Category to clarify which actions earn points toward the challenge

Communities Feature

  • Bulk Map Members

Organization Management

  • Automated Admin Support Email reminders throughout challenges
  • Updated Permissions for Owners and Administrators
  • Enable Google SSO Authentication
  • Streamlined Organization Invite process: Copy and paste an invitation link, download a graphic with a QR code, find and share your access code, and send emails manually.

Mobile App

  • Personal Carbon Footprint Calculator

As you take a moment to reflect on your life, we encourage you to focus on and celebrate your accomplishments, the time you spent creating memories with your loved ones, the moments where you prioritized your health and well-being, and your efforts to contribute to your community and the environment. It’s important to remember that we can only do our best, depending on what our best looks like each day. As long as we continue to act with knowledge, intention, respect, and love, we can have a positive impact on society and inspire a more caring and responsible community.

To all a merry and festive season! To all a Healthy and Happy New Year!  

We’ll see you in 2024 ~~~