Making Sustainability More Than Just a Buzzword

Photo © Katya Horner

Companies are struggling more and more to attract the type of talent they need, and having an even harder time keeping their exceptional employees in house. Why are so many companies failing to keep their employees engaged? What are the companies that boast high engagement doing right?

Today’s employees – millennials in particular – expect more from their employer. They want to work for a company that not only cares about their own well-being, but also shows a serious commitment to making a positive impact on the planet. The idea of sustainability gets kicked around a lot, but all too often ends up being only a buzzword. The smart employees you want to hire and keep see right through all the jargon. It is essential to demonstrate a commitment to sustainability that is fully integrated into your company culture.

How can you show employees that you are more than just talk? This Knowledge@Wharton article illustrates the importance of sustainability as a cornerstone of a good company culture, and lays out how companies have successfully engaged their employees with sustainability initiatives. It emphasizes having a clear goal for your company’s sustainability initiatives, where employees can see a clear line between the small actions they take and the economic and societal benefits of their collective effort.

JouleBug focuses on making small changes to everyday habits, and provides an accessible resource where leadership and employees can see their impact in clear terms and easily share that impact to demonstrate their commitment to improving the planet.