Leverage Communities Feature to Enhance Client Engagement

In today’s business world, sustainability and employee engagement are more than just buzzwords—they’re essential for success. JouleBug, a leading app that gamifies and simplifies sustainability efforts, offers a unique Communities feature. Unlike any other tool, this feature can help ESG agencies and reseller partners build stronger client relationships. Its ability to foster continuous engagement and sustainability awareness makes it a powerful asset for any business.

By following a phased approach—starting with team participation in challenges, creating ongoing community engagement, and empowering clients to manage their own organizations—agencies can drive deeper engagement, continuous improvement, and significant sustainability outcomes. Here’s how to leverage JouleBug communities as part of your private-label, fully-branded app.

Phase 1 JouleBug Communities for Agencies clients participate in a global challenge

Phase 1: Clients Participate in a Global Challenge

The most effective way to introduce your clients to JouleBug is through an interactive, competitive, lower-stakes experience, such as an annual Earth Week challenge. By participating in a challenge as a team, clients can experience the app firsthand, gain insight into employees’ current behaviors and sustainability understanding, and build camaraderie.

You will have the opportunity to design a motivating experience that drives real-world action, showcasing your expertise in change management during the transition to more sustainable business operations. Each challenge will include a report on the environmental savings from all logged actions, representing participating clients’ contributions to a healthier planet and society. Plus, you’ll learn more about how to involve employees in making necessary changes throughout a company. 

Hosting global challenges is a unique way to cultivate community. By bringing your clients together in an informal, exciting, and not-too-ordinary way, you’ll inspire innovation in the services you provide, how you deliver them, and how you grow your business. This sense of community and camaraderie will make your clients feel connected and part of a larger movement. Friendly competition between clients could also lead to them wanting more of your expertise and time to support their sustainable transition. 

See our EarthShare Texas case study for an example of how the 501c3 organization leveraged the annual Texas Sustainability Challenge to engage its business membership. 

Why It Works

  • Team Building: Strengthens team spirit and unity.
  • Hands-On Experience: Clients get to see the platform’s features in action.
  • Foundation for Growth: Sets a strong baseline for future engagement.
Phase 2 JouleBug Communities for Agencies create a community for ongoing challenges

Phase 2: Create a Community for Ongoing Challenges

After a client of yours participates in a global challenge, you have an opening to discuss their experience and interest in running more challenges throughout the year. The frequency of running a challenge will depend on your client’s enthusiasm, resources for rewards, or commitment to instilling sustainability and other ESG principles as a core value among employees. 

If your client is interested in year-round experiences, consider creating a private community where they can easily host customized challenges throughout the year. This community will be a subgroup of your JouleBug organization, giving you access to support and manage your client’s account. From strategy to execution, you’ll serve as the client’s success manager as they leverage the app to achieve their sustainability goals. 

Along the way, you’ll be able to train your clients on how to use the platform and empower them with the autonomy to run challenges on their own as they’re able to. At this point, your agency’s JouleBug environment becomes an integral part of the service package you offer clients, but one they can self-manage if they want. 

If you’re interested in learning more about the technical details of the communities feature, book a demo with our team. We’ll happily discuss the matter in depth. 

Why It Works

  • Continuous Engagement: Keeps clients consistently involved in their sustainability.
  • Customizable: Tailors challenges to meet each client’s unique sustainability goals.
  • Deepens Relationships: Grow with your clients as they evolve on their sustainability journey.
Phase 3 JouleBug Communities for Agencies empower clients to manage their own organization

Phase 3: Empower Clients to Manage Their Own Organization on JouleBug

At some point, one of your clients may express interest in having their own private label or enterprise account with JouleBug. They may opt for a branded app to involve their value chain stakeholders. Your client will work directly with JouleBug at this stage, but you will receive a commission for facilitating this. 

You can visit our reseller partnership program or schedule a demo with our team to find out more. 

As the owners of their JouleBug organization, your clients can manage their communities, which they can customize for different regions and departments or cohorts of stakeholders. This level of independence encourages a sense of ownership and ensures that the initiatives align with their specific sustainability objectives.

Why It Works

  • Autonomy: Clients gain complete control over their sustainability initiatives.
  • Localized Impact: Regional communities address specific local challenges.
  • Scalability: Scales across various regions and departments, ensuring broad participation.

Communities Empower Sustainable Progress

JouleBug’s Communities feature is a powerful tool for ESG agencies and resellers looking to enhance their client relationships. By following a phased approach—starting with team participation in challenges, creating ongoing community engagement, and empowering clients to manage their own organizations—agencies can drive deeper engagement, continuous improvement, and significant sustainability outcomes.

By partnering with JouleBug and leveraging the Communities feature, ESG agencies and resellers can enhance their service offerings and create new revenue streams. Managing sustainability challenges for clients can open up exciting new business opportunities, contributing to your overall business growth and financial success.

JouleBug Communities for Agencies EarthShare Texas case study

Contact our team to learn more about partnering with JouleBug and elevating your client relationships to new heights, just as EarthShare Texas has done. With the right strategy and tools, you can drive meaningful change and build a more sustainable future for your clients and their employees.